Day 9- Christmas Inspiration Hello December Project Life

Now that the kids are almost grown, I don’t scrapbook as much as I use to but I do still enjoy making an album for Christmas. Project Life was the answer for me, it’s fast, easy to journal, easy to put together and looks great when done. Last year, I decided to do one through Stampin’ Up and I loved it. Mainly because, like all Stampin’ Up Products it coordinated. And the front was totally customizable. So this is my second year to do a Hello December Project Life album through Stampin’ Up. I’d like to share some pictures of what I’ve done so far and then I’ll tell you how I take my pictures and get them printed.


Once I have my album set up. I decide what pictures go where. I use December Daily prompts to help guide my picture taking. I posted one a couple of weeks ago. And I also have my album with 1-2 pages committed for each day in December, you definitely don’t have to do it this way but I enjoy this memory keeping system.

After I’ve taken the pictures and decided where in the album they are going, I can decide what sizes they need to be. You will need sizes 4″x6″, 4″x3″ and 2″x2″. I use an app called PicFrame to set up my pictures. I use the 4:3 ratio and can get two 4″x3″ or 6 2″x2″ on each 4″ x 6″ piece of photo paper. I save them back to my camera roll and send them to Walgreens for printing.

Sometimes I want to add text to the front of my pictures and I use an app called Pixlr.

Another option for printing these different sizes that I’ve been looking into is Persnickety. They have an actual project life service that you can use to print pictures.

I hope you enjoy making your Hello December Album. Let me know if you have questions! Merry Christmas!

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